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How Much Is A Front Wheel Alignment

how much is a front wheel alignment

    wheel alignment
  • Wheel alignment is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car maker's specification.

  • The adjustment of various components to meet predetermined specifications for camber, caster, toe and ride height.

  • Aligning a vehicle's wheels, by checking and, if necessary, resetting front and/or rear suspension and steering angles to the manufacturer's specifications. Uneven tire wear or steering that pulls can indicate a need to have the wheel alignment checked or adjusted.

    how much
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Kreidler Flory Transmission

Kreidler Flory Transmission

Hmm. First gear - cork clutch pads are completely stripped and the underlying shoes are badly damaged from friction against the clutch bell -- the metal is scored up, and the shoes have drifted away from their correct alignment. The clutch wheel is riveted together, and cannot be easily disassembled for repair.

Probable causes:
- replacing ATF with slightly detergent 10w30, causing pad cork and adhesive to deteriorate, in addition to overextending first gear
- added compression from milled engine head forcing too much acceleration in first gear?
- stop and go city riding. all the time.

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how much is a front wheel alignment

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