Cougar 5th Wheel Trailer

cougar 5th wheel trailer

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Older picture of COUGAR @ 2weeks

Older picture of COUGAR @ 2weeks

This is COUGAR @ 2 weeks old chilling in my palm. With his' lil' clows. So Ruff, So Tuff. I couldn't have asked 4 a nicer kitten. My lil' tabby kitten is always getting washed after going to the bathroom, cuz he's a lil' messy. This picture was taken in my room. That's my BIG poster of 1993's "Army Of Darkness" with Bruce Campbell my favorite B-Movie actor. He is in the new USA show called "Burn Notice" Every Halloween I have to watch this movie & SAM RAIMI'S "EVIL DEAD II".

Cougar LB 04 copy

Cougar LB 04 copy

Cougar at Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilation Center

cougar 5th wheel trailer

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